This year was such a whirlwind, in “real” life, in project-mode,  and here in blogland. I found myself as inspired as I’ve ever been to create and dream along with you.
The Southern Hospitality gal, Rhoda, is having a top project linky party, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  And, another Southern homie, because I think she’s cute enough to be a homie, Layla, at the Lettered Cottage is having a “favorite room re-do’s” soiree.
Here are some of my favorites this year….12 months of the year plus one to grow on.
This was my first shot at upholstery.  Not perfect, but man, if you could see the before.  There were literally nests on it!  “Darla” got a brand new look with fabric and a fresh coat of white paint.  She was meant to be my queen’s throne, I tell you.  😉


I found this antique telephone bench for $12 at my trip to EC Oswald’s and gave it a beachy makeover for the kids’ playroom.  It’s perfect in there, relaxed and worn just as it would be if it had washed ashore somewhere.


This was one of my biggest client projects of the year…Ashley’s dining table and chairs. That bad boy was stained “vintage orange” and it took 5 or 6 attempts to get it stripped properly.  I’m sweating again just thinking about it.  It was certainly worth it and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous in her home, don’t you?


My favorite projects had to be the ones in our attic renovation, and this was so well received…you blew me away with your comments!  This whole renovation was filled with DIY moments, like the mirror re-do you can check out.  Go here to see the before and more after’s of the writing room bath.


The most dear to my heart, and I believe your favorite, was the making of the daybed.  We started with bright red lacquered doors from my childhood home and came up with this.  We’re still in love with it, and have happily welcomed more guests into our home because of this little labor of love (sweat, tears, paint stripper, sanding).
You can also see our full tutorial here and here.


This was the space I was most excited about finishing.  Inspired by Pottery Barn’s shared spaces, the playroom brought extra storage, color, happiness, and a creative spot into our home.  Did I mention extra storage?  It was also featured on Apartment Therapy, and was entered into Odeedoh’s Small Kids, Big Color Contest, which sort of blew me a million light years away.
We built and painted the storage unit, layed all of the flooring, trimmed it out…you get it…pretty much all the finish work was handled by me, Matt, and many gallons of caffeine after the kids’ bedtimes each night.
I  turned a window into a picture frame, created some storage for the units using old Lenox china boxes, painted some wooden crates, found all the small galvanized storage in the dollar bins at target, used our photography as art, and scoured flea markets and antique shops for unique and meaningful bits and pieces.


And just a few weeks ago, I finally finished that empty wall with some more PB-inspired art…LOVE.  I really do need to hop in there with my new camera. 😉
It took a while to tweak and accessorize, but I filled it with practical storage and pieces that I love or inspire us…and I hope it will do that for our children.


Back in July, I refinished 17 pieces of furniture for the awesome girls at the KD House at Troy University…and this barley twist table, hands down, was my favorite.  The top was stripped, whitewashed, and bottom was painted with chalky white paint…no primer.  LOVED it so much I did the same exact treatment to my guest room bedside table. I’ll probably do it again.


My creative space…the writing room.  It’s funny, I began calling it that because I wanted it to be a place for creativity and inspiration and well, for writing.  I just wasn’t digging “office.”  I never thought we’d actually call it that, but we do…it’s the space for calm, for reflection, for my writing, all created on a budget.
Now, if it could only spit out that e-book for me.


We had a couple of birthday bashes, starting with Ava’s sweet treat 1st birthday,
and Gray’s Wild West ho-down.  It was so much fun to plan these parties and create some memories with families and friends….most memorable projects ever.


As part of the guest room makeover, I found this incredible 1850s chest.  It was in decent condition, but it did have some water damage and was incredibly dry.  I could not imagine covering it up with a solid coat of paint, so I gave it my “Wisteria-inspired” treatment of washing and dry-brushing.  It’s easily my favorite find of the year.


Loved the way this white-aged vanity turned out…still for sale, btw.
You can see more pics here and read the tutorial as well.


When visiting my best bud, Lisa, she wanted to talk design, and she kept showing me pictures of these dramatic, black painted walls…rooms filled with glamour.  I convinced her to trust her gut and go for it!  It is stunning, completely unexpected, and easily draws you into the living room.  We moved some furniture around, added some consignment and thrift store finds, and I believe the whole project cost around 60 bucks.  Check it all out here.


I completed a few crafty projects this year, but this Family Rules Art is my favorite.  It’s in the kitchen, and serves as such a reminder to not only our children, but to us as well.
There were so many memorable moments in our lives this year…thank YOU for sharing them with us!
Here’s to lots more in 2011.
Starting with those white-painted walls.

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