Oh, I’m so happy to be hanging with you guys tonight!
I’ve been really having to focus on my time with the kids this week and what a breath of fresh air to hang out with y’all!
Let me just say that I’m still sifting through last week’s Style Feature Saturday (You guys are SO talented!) and will post my favs when I open up this week’s party tomorrow night!
Remember this barley twist table??


Ahh, what a breath of fresh air.  Don’t you just want to curl up with a book, your cup of coffee sitting on the table…on a coaster, of course.
Okay, I’m gonna say it.
This is by far my favorite transformation to date.  It was a beast to transform this way…and there’s a video to prove it on its way!
That top….I stripped the top and bleached it, a technique that’s becoming a new favorite of mine.  Don’t you love that coastal inspired feel?  Because the table is lightened so, you can’t really see all the heavy distressing on the legs, but it’s just a wash of chalky white paint.
I really had a hard time giving this table back to the girls at the KD house.  I LOVE it so much…which is exactly why my mom and I are driving an hour and a half tomorrow to pick one up.
And there could be an antique aqua chippy door there, too.
We’ll see.
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