Hey y’all!  How is your week going??  Ours is a little strange.  We’re traveling with Matt, so us cramped in a hotel during the day does not equal the most peaceful of all environments.  We’re making it and most importantly, we get to see our daddy at the end of the day.
I decided with all the room reveals (they just happened to be finished around the same time), it was time to show you some furniture!  There’s been no shortage of work; I’ve just been busy with lots of other things as well.  On a business note, I’m taking one more client piece for September and I’m now open for October slots.  Email me if you have a piece you’d like a quote on!
While Matt was gone, my mom and I went on several treasure hunts…retail therapy, remember?  I had not been in several months…too busy painting and living. 🙂  When we ran across this, I know my jaw dropped wide open…
This picture was taken from my cell, but you can see the beautiful detailing and gorgeous details.  You can also see the water damage and, on the bottom, how dry the wood was.  (notice I said, “was.” 🙂
It was a little out of my price range, but I decided that I knew I could make it beautiful again and sell it to get my money out of it.  My mom, such a servant and sweetheart, slapped some money on the counter as I was checking out, and said, “No way you’re selling that. Pay me back whenever.”  LOVE her!!!  It was such a selfless thing to do–thank you, mom!
Even though the piece was in rough condition to restore, I hated to cover the piece with paint….especially when I cleaned it and found an 1850’s stamp on the back…gotta take a picture of that for you guys.
Several of you have told me some of my pieces look similar to the Wisteria line, and I am quite honored.  After peeking at the catalog and stalking their site, I became inspired by their layered finishes that resemble wood, but enhanced in some way.  Many of the things I’ve been working on are receiving many layers of treatment to resemble pieces like these…
source unknown
wisteria fall 2010
These were a little more wood-toned than I wanted, but…inspiration was found and I got to work.
You probably noticed in the picture that most of the hardware was missing, but I wanted to keep some of it.  I love the weight and its individuality that can’t be replicated.  I chose to leave it on the middle drawers so it would stand out a bit.  Once I knew the chest was mine, I knew it would head to the empty guest room.  Thank you to my sweet friends, Brian and Jenny, who came to the rescue to watch the kids (after they woke from their naps mid-treatment)!
If I’m honest, I can’t quite stop staring at it.  I’ll walk into the guest room and just touch it.  That weird?
I love being able to see the wood and the grain, but with the treatment, it hides some of that water damage.
The drawers were not working very well, so I did wax the inside as well as the outside to seal it.
Since I technically didn’t pay anything for the chest, I did spend a little more on the hardware.  I ordered the 2 inch keyhole knobs from where else, Anthropologie.
This chest is one of the pieces I’m highlighting in the Ebook and I’ve taken pictures for every step. This is a combination of washing (my style) and dry-brushing. And it’s not for everyone, but like I said, I’m totally smitten with it.
Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.  And I realize you are getting a good idea on the color of the “new” guest room!
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