Sometimes I feel a little silly when I write tutorials, mostly because I’m afraid most everyone is thinking how simple these steps are.
And they are! I didn’t take photos of every step, but this should give you a good idea how I achieved the finish.


This is the pictureless part.  I lightly sanded the vanity with a sanding block and cleaned it with wood cleaner.  When using an oil-based primer, you do not have to sand down your furniture!  It’s such a time-saver!
I sprayed the vanity with Kilz Original Spray Primer(which is oil-based).  Let it dry for at least 30 minutes, then sand it with a fine/medium sanding block.  If you use a sander, use a sheet of 220 to ensure you don’t sand down too far.
The spray Kilz covers so well, but it sometimes may have a little bit of a texture to it…don’t skip the sanding. 🙂


I next sprayed the base layer of metallic.  I honestly don’t have a color name.  It is a valspar metallic….there are three silvers to choose from…this is the darkest.  Because I was still a little uninspired, I dry brushed on some turquoise paint….you can kind of see that here.
After deciding that was not the direction I wanted to head in, I aged the silver by wiping an ebony stain on with a staining pad, allowing it to sit for 30 seconds or so, then wiping it off with a smooth cloth.  This will darken and “tarnish” the silver.
Here’s where I began with the cream…this was a mistint I found at True Value.
You’re going to be able to see how I applied the cream on the legs in the video below, and here’s a still close up of the brush.  This is what your “dry” brush should look like.  Now, sometimes I squeeze more than that out, but for this piece I did want some white coverage, not just highlighting.


I just dipped my brush, raked it off, and squeezed with a smooth, clean cloth. (I go through a dozen of these every couple of weeks 🙂


Again, check out the video for the how to on the legs and sharp edges.  For the rounded sides like this top, use the side of your brush to lightly “dust” in white.
After your top coat of paint is dry (if I’m sanding heavily, I recommend waiting 24 hours if you can…if it’s just edges, go for it after a couple of hours), use that medium grit sanding block again.
I know a lot of people sand with a sander, and I’m not saying I never do, but when I want an aged treatment, I prefer something a little less heavy.  I didn’t want to take chunks of white paint off; I just wanted to wear down the white in places to show the silver through.


Hit your edges and feet like you normally would, but be sure to lightly sand everywhere.


You can see from this close-up, that you really can see the silver peeking through.  To get this effect on smooth surfaces like the top and sides, use a circular motion when you sand.


After I distressed (down to the wood on edges and to the silver on smooth), I finished with a gray glaze.  It was a custom tint at Sherwin Williams…Gibralter, I believe.  I worked the glaze on with a sponge staining pad and left it for 20 or 30 seconds, and wiped off with a smooth cloth (I wanted some of that color to stay, so I did not use a damp cloth…this would’ve taken more color off).


It will be sealed with Minwax Finishing Paste (because I haven’t gotten around to it just yet).  When you work with this product, a little goes a long way!  You’ll just apply with a smooth cloth and buff after 10 minutes.  Easy peasy and the result is beautiful (and not too shiny) for a hand-applied finish.
Here’s a little video how-to for you visual learners…I am for sure, so I wanted you to see how I applied a good amount of white coverage without it becoming solid.
**edited to add: i hate to publish this….my video is continuually cutting short as it uploads!  But, I wanted you to have the tutorial I’ve been promising you!  So just enjoy the beginning, and know that I’m working on getting you the ending. 🙂 **

Hope you enjoyed it!!  And don’t be afraid to try a layered treatment with lots of different colors…it won’t disappoint!
I’m off to check out your fab projects from Style Feature Saturday and make a burlap banner for my little boy’s birthday!
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