Alright, here’s the first preview.  For what, you say?  For only the most exciting thing I’ve ever done!  The e-book, of course!  Again, thank you guys for all of your support and kind words!
This is one treatment that will be covered…a time-worn patina finish.  I CANNOT WAIT for you to see the finished piece!!  And I’m keeping this one!
“Have you ever gotten your hands really dirty? I mean, really dirty? When I was a little girl, dirt completely grossed me out. The texture of in between my fingers, and the sweat from the Alabama sun that accompanied it were a bit too much for this small Southern belle.

I’m not sure what changed for me…because it has. Maybe it was when I first washed my car and felt that sense of accomplishment. Or maybe when I was humbled building houses in the mountains of Honduras. Dirt just stopped grossing me out. I like the accomplishment of doing, of creating with my own hands.I’ve said many times that I believe I’m doing now exactly what I am inspired to do, and it seems the older I am getting, the more of it want to be doing. I want to grow, to learn, to expand my boundaries.And I think that resonates with most of us. We long to accomplish, to restore…to create our very own masterpiece. That’s what this book is all about. That….and a whole lot of paint.”
Let me hear what you think and, if you would, come back tomorrow for style feature saturday favs!!