I’m tired.
And I have missed you guys!!  I know I’ve been around, but I have been so busy these last couple of weeks, I have barely gotten to read a few posts and certainly only write a couple.
I’ve been painting a ton (post on that to come later today or tomorrow) for one client that I’m sooo excited about, preparing for a little cupcake’s birthday party, traveling, hosting a class at our house on Wednesday nights for the college and youth, working away at finishing the attic, tot-schooling my almost 4 year old, and desperately trying to catch up on So You Think You Can Dance.
Just kidding about that last part….although, I would like to make it through one episode.
On to the daybed….I haven’t decided how to finish it, and I’m just tired of waiting to show you guys.  Maybe you can give me an opinion.
Okay, way back when in January, this is what my mom’s doors looked like….
These were on my house growing up until I was 12 or so, and I always thought they were beautiful.  At Christmas, I found them laying in my parents barn, and I got a bit of a twinkle in my eye.
The plan had been originally to use them as doors in our attic, but too much door for too little space.  We have those tiny angled doors, and these monsters were not fitting.  Period.
And then my mom, oh, my mom, had the lovely idea of turning them into a daybed.  I had picked out the one I wanted, but even on ebay it was $6-700, and that was hurting my heart just a bit to spend that kind of money on one piece.
So, with some time and a little bit of prayer–because we were quite scared that we would ruin them after that first cut–they went from this….
to this….
As you can see, my writing room is still not finished, but like I said, I’m too impatient to wait anymore.  We’ll get to a completely designed and decorated room one day….and maybe even have a bedskirt.  🙂
I love its heavy lines, and the delicate details on the inside panels.  One day I’d like to see it filled with cushy pillows and layers of bedding.  Again, that day will come.  These that I pulled from around the house will certainly do for now.  The bedding is Simply Shabby Chic smocked duvet and sham–found on Ebay for $24.
This is where I’m stuck.  I wanted to distress those grooves really well, but there’s a problem.  That red (it’s hard to see in the picture) still bleeds through.  Two coats of grey high-hiding primer and 3 coats of white later.  I’m done with base coats.  End of story there.  So it’s either use the dremel (I’m going to do a post on that soon) and barely apply pressure and again with the praying, or glaze the grooves.
I had originally wanted to glaze the entire bed.  But….I had a dresser-look a like (that’s really lots of storage) made and it is grey-glazed.  I really don’t want the pieces to look very matchy-matchy.
So….what do you think?  Distress the grooves ever so slightly or with a steady hand glaze only the panels, leaving some in the grooves?
Even though I am torn with the details, I’m a thrilled with the construction and the paint job.  Matt, you did a BEAUTIFUL job, and I couldn’t be happier with my $20 daybed!  That’s right, I said $20 for the balisters and feet…okay, maybe $30 with paint, but I only use gallons of that per week.
I promise you a full tutorial soon….and there’s rumor of a video post on the construction.
Can’t wait to hear what you think!!
And on to some news…..
Style Feature Saturday is coming soon!  You know I’ve been talking about it forever, and I’m taking the plunge.  As long as there are a good bit of participants, it’ll go on for, I don’t know, forever.
Mwa Ha Ha!!!
All scary laughs aside, this linky party will be for featuring your style–in the home, that is.  It could be featuring your new mantel decor, or a room re-do, or even a craft that is for the home….and definitely furniture transformations!  Even though I love all the crafts out there, there are so many parties for that and most parties include all categories.  There’s some on paint, on furniture, but none that cover the style of our homes….so if you heart me like I heart you guys, spread the word and be on the lookout for the button.  It should all be set up within a couple of weeks and I’ll announce the start date—on Saturday’s.
SOOOO excited to spend my week perusing your brilliance!
If you would like to host a giveaway during any Style Feature Saturday, please let me know!  See “Advertise” for some stats on the traffic here, and how many eyes would be headed your way.
Can’t wait to hear what you think about the daybed…give Matt some love, will you?  Just not too much.

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