On Blogging, Creativity, & Insecurities

By |January 30th, 2017|

You know, there are just times when the stars align, and for just one brief moment, things actually make sense. This weekend was such a time.  I went to Memphis (more on this soon), and shared about creativity and business and we painted and laughed.  I met some people who said things I needed to […]

The Grape Chandelier

By |June 9th, 2016|

We’ve not really updated much at the beach condo the last two summer seasons.

We tackled the biggest of the projects like our bedrooms, getting paint colors changed, and we updated mine/my brother’s/Sara’s bathroom.

Things were pretty dated here, and darrrrkkk….

But so many pieces were updated with a coat of paint (like my lovely desk chair here), […]

The Question That Made Me Queasy

By |April 4th, 2016|

My baby brother is engaged.

The week before he left on his trip to Patagonia with his future bride, Sara, he called me. Talking ninety to nothing and giggling like a school girl, he told me about the ring and the plan and fretted about how in the world he was going to claim the diamond […]


By |February 19th, 2016|

The kids and I had the chance to run down to the beach with my brother and Sara.  It was so good to get away, and I love being there this time of year.  Nobody around for miles.

Here’s some favorite pics we snapped on our phones…

They’re getting so big, right??

And yes.  That’s a loaded bloody […]

Some Real Imperfection

By |February 16th, 2016|

We’ve spent a great deal of time talking about imperfection, you and I.

I named this blog because I was aware of how very flawed we all are.  How flawed I am.  But the truth of it is this.  We still dress up our flaws, polish them out until there’s only a small amount of dull remaining. […]


By |January 28th, 2016|

I read my friend Marian’s post this week.  I loved her words.

I lived my life this last year.  Hard.  I have never felt more imperfect than I do right now.

R.M. Drake

But never have I felt more at peace with myself.

Don’t fear the broken places, friends.  They won’t break you.


The Truth of It All

By |August 7th, 2015|

I think I’ve been avoiding this post for a while.

I’m not sure why.  You guys know quite a bit about me, and I’ve shared so much of my life here with you.  The truth is, I’ve been quite uninspired the last 6 months.  Maybe longer.

To create, to paint, to tell a story.

Life became real and […]

Start Doing

By |May 19th, 2015|

Walt Disney was a genius.



I’m convinced this one belief is what distinguishes us entrepreneurs and inventors and doers from, well, not being those people.

There is a time for talking, for planning, for dreaming.  But after that’s done, get started.

Time’s a wasting.

Growing Slowly

By |April 13th, 2015|

I’ve had one of those months.

Things aren’t really lining up perfectly at work…sales are a little slower, some systems aren’t as efficient, and I’m most certainly more scattered & unorganized.  Some of my ideas aren’t panning out, and the ones that do seem to require a lot of my time–which is a little limited right now.

This doesn’t make […]

Dynamic Pursuit

By |February 5th, 2015|

Since starting this blog five years ago, I’ve shared most of my life out here.

There isn’t a whole lot you guys don’t know when it comes to my disheveled, imperfect life. The last 2 months have been hard for me.  I took a little step back from blogging.  I needed a little down time with […]

You, Me, & A Road

By |November 11th, 2014|

Sometimes life is hard.

Sometimes it rips you apart, and having flair for the dramatic notwithstanding, it kicks your butt and knocks you out cold.

Work gets hard, and marriage gets hard, and raising these kids?  It gets hard.

Life. is. hard. sometimes.

And sometimes, hard is all the time.  Hard is the new norm.  And during those times, […]

The Kind of Family Who Makes Cinnamon Rolls

By |October 6th, 2014|

When I showed you the kitchen reveal last week, I showed you how it really looks 90% of the time… Something about it–the mess, the kids, the Nana rolling out dough.  It makes me happy.  And I want to be the kind of family that makes homemade Cinnamon Rolls.   Ree’s glorious, buttery, […]

The Time I Exposed Myself in Publix

By |September 26th, 2014|

You know how it feels when you make a change?

For you, I mean.  Not the house–that’s different.  But when you tackle your health or you start flossing or you cut your hair off?  Or maybe you do a little of all of those things.

Or maybe it’s just a couple of changes.  Nonetheless, you make them and […]

Clearing Out The Rest, & Upcoming Photo Shoots

By |September 16th, 2014|

Remember that time when I foolishly said I’d be completely organized in 3 months??

Well, needless to say that was a bit idealistic.  I will say, however, we continued all spring and summer to purge and organize, purge and organize.  I think we’ve covered everything minus one closet (that’s partially done) and the garage.  Because we […]

Are You a Bird Feeder?

By |September 9th, 2014|

When Matt and I met, I was going through a bit of a rule follower phase.

Mind you, I’d just come out of a major rule-follower-by-day-rule-breaker-by-night phase before that.  I was due some major boring rule following.

The first summer we were dating (back in 2001), we headed to the beach with my family.  I remember lying […]

Our Place in the Evening

By |August 28th, 2014|

I realized the other day that I’ve never shown our house in the evening.  Usually I have my light boxes and we are shooting bright white interiors with loads of natural light filtering in.  There’s something pretty magical about light and shadow, especially in a room and especially when the warm light is pouring in…

These […]

25 Things

By |August 26th, 2014|

1.  I’m convinced I have sort of lost my mind.

2.  No, really.

3.  I seem to misplace my head these days, and that’s just the start.

4. My keys and my phone charger–well, they’re even worse off than my head.

5.  Is that an age thing?  I’m only 32 for crying out loud.

6.  I’d like to think that […]

Setting up Our School Room & Truths We’ve Learned

By |August 18th, 2014|

Three years ago, when we began homeschooling, I didn’t know how it would all turn out.  Didn’t know if we would always homeschool or if I’d go red with rage and lock myself in a closet somewhere.

I still don’t.

We will re-evaluate from year to year, and for now, this life works for us.  School is […]


By |August 11th, 2014|

Last week was tough.

There have been big decisions weighing on my mind and my heart.  The last few months seem to have picked me up and whipped me around with the winds, and while there is certainty in my life, there has also been question.

The most important things are not in question. There’s such rest in […]

What I Love About You…

By |July 23rd, 2014|

To my littlest.

I hope your birthday was so much fun, and was a time you’ll remember fondly.

I love your quiet moments.  You can be so calm and reflective.  You were my lap baby, the one who likes to hold my hand when we walk into a store or into a crowded room.  I love how you […]