Hey there!  Finally coming at you from the Baltimore area today….really loving it up here!  Love the weather, the history of the cities we’re visiting, love the leaves that are actually turning the shades of Fall…just LOVE IT!
I also convinced my friend, Lisa to go with her gut and paint a wall in her living room black!! You can see her space on my Facebook page, and I’ll show you the transformation asap!
Speaking of transformations, this one is long overdue.  Remember that guest room re-do I did back in August?  (The one I haven’t shown you yet!) I promise the reveal is coming, but I think most of it is going to come to you via magazine.  More details on that to come soon!
While we’re not seeing the full room re-do just yet, here’s one of the makeovers I pulled off within the space.  I added two pieces of furniture to the guest room…the wisteria inspired chest and one end table that costs 28 bucks.


It was actually in pretty good shape, other than some water damage on top (what is it with me, antiques, and water damage??).  I could have left it, but I really wanted the finish to resemble the Barley Twist Table that I whitewashed.
I fell in love with the lines of this provencal table and immediately imagined using the shelf underneath for guest amenities.
Check it out, along with a little peek of the guest room…


I am thrilled with the $30 makeover…I love the height of the table and am equally infatuated with the whitewashed top.



I finished this top by stripping the finish (with my favorite…SmartStrip by Peel Away), and wiping a whitewash into the grain. See more instructions for whitewashing here.


I did end up filling the bottom shelf with items for our guests…a book of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations captured in the most striking photography, a couple of coasters, magazines, and the remote for the no longer existant fan.
Why is that still in there??


I hit the details and grooves with some distressing and used DecoArt in Champagne Metallic to highlight.  The sheen is very subtle, but sometimes I like subtle.
What do you think of the table and the tiny peek you’re getting of the guest room?
Come back tomorrow for some progress on Lisa’s living room mini-makeover!
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