What a wonderfully comforting thing to be sitting beside your husband, cup of coffee in hand (I know, it’s 11 am), watching your little ones dance to the music of Mickey Mouse.
I am definitely in wonderland.
Matt was greeted in the airport late last night with a tight smile from me (maybe because I was finally about to burst into tears for the first time in the 19 days since we’d seen each other), and squeals from a little guy hiding behind a “welcome home, daddy” poster.  It was truly such a surreal and comforting moment…I cannot describe how appreciative I am of him and how happy I am to have him home.  He travels quite a bit, but a week at the time at most.  19 days, not so much.  (Again, please know that I recognize whole-heartedly that I am blessed to have only been away from him for that time).
Because of my overall giddy-ness, and total distraction, we’re going to take a break from Style Feature Saturday today.  I will spend the next few days with my family and I’ll also be busy putting the finishing touches on the guest room.
It was supposed to be a distraction the entire time Matt was gone, but in reality, I only started the task this week.  I have gotten quite good at procrastinating.
Plus I realized the ceilings were 10 feet!  That added just a bit of time and ladder painting to the project.  Especially around this moulding.
Remember the before shot??

This is not a totally fair before, because this was the shot we took when we moved all the office furniture in.  It didn’t look quite this stark and furniture placement was even different.  It was quite hard to fit that gorgeous desk that Matt built me in the room with lots of cabinets and a queen size bed. 
After adding the writing room, a.k.a. my office, there is room for an actual guest space.  We LOVE to entertain family and friends; I am thrilled to be able to offer them a serene space to escape in again. 
I can’t offer you the whole enchilada, but here are some bits and pieces I’ve shot around the room…
I’ve mixed pattern and texture, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I might have to move in here until I tackle painting and accessorizing our bedroom.
I also spent quite a bit of time working on some pieces that I’ll hold on to instead of listing on PI Restoration.
And the wall color?  I just want to jump in to the walls!!  If a mermaid was a paint color, this would be it.  The most serene sea green….with just enough gray undertones for grounding the space.
I’m going to keep working away this week accessorizing the walls, so hopefully I’ll have something to show by the end of the week.  I’m also writing my little heart out, and have begun shooting pictures and recording treatment processes for the e-book. 
Keep me accountable, okay?  Don’t want it to be 2012 before you get it.