1.  I love Christmas.

2.  So much so, that it pains me to experience it, as I know it’s over for another year.

3.  I love it all–Jesus, music, wrapping paper (do you follow me on Instagram??), divinity & fudge…the whole nine.

4.  I love what it’s meaning to me as an adult–celebrating traditions with my little ones & accepting grace to want less.

5.  During this time, I’m equal parts NUTSO & family focused.

6.  It’s funny, speaking of nutso, when I talked about our holiday schedule lately, some of you were very concerned for me and the time we have with our family.

7.  Sweet, silly friends.  I’m way too fractious to let myself get too busy, I promise.

8.  Plus, I’m just one of those have-way-too-many-irons-in-the-fire-at-one-time-kind-of-gal.

9.  My wise & newly beloved e-friend, Edie, told me that we are the same…and for us it’s less about balance, and more about renewal.

10.  What in the world?  Divine words right there.

11.  I love Edie.

12.  I love her kitchen, her Christmas, her schooling.

13.  Mostly, though, I love her grace-filled heart.

14.  Back to renewal, I’m spending much time on the go, but I totally let myself crash.

15.  Like right now, Matt has both kids upstairs playing (gasp!) video games while I sit on this very sofa and blog and watch Bones.

16.  Dr. Brennan is the FUNNIEST person I’ve ever encountered.

17.  TV person, I mean.

18.  This post isn’t really about Christmas, is it?

19.  Here we go:  I haven’t even photographed our mantel, y’all.

20.  The house has been too we’re-cleaning-out-for-the-end-of-the-world-mess.

21.  It’s looking better now.

22.  Maybe good enough for me to take pictures of the mantel.

23.  And the wreaths, and the dining room, and the kitchen.

24.  You know, the whole house tour.

25.  Or, I’ll probably take my good friend’s advice and curl up with a cup of coffee and a book and call it a day.

P.S.  I hope you each are having the merriest Christmas season with your loved ones.  I am thinking of you each at this time every year, and I have a special video planned for you in the next few days.  Hope you can make it.

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