Good Monday morning, friends!

I’m recovering from our weekend trip…we had a wonderful visit with Matt’s family in Tennessee, and boy, did I score some great finds.

I don’t even know how to convey my feelings.  There were auctions in gymnasiums, and antique stores abounding with good stuff.  I did think I might jump Matt in the gym at the auction when he scored me an antique map/surveyor’s cabinet for $37.50.

Was that too much information?

After several months of slowing down on the furniture-painting side of things for my window space at Troy Antiques, I’m ready to move some things out, and get rid of inventory.  I’m restocking the space and will show you soon!  This also means good deals are like kryptonite to Matt (and me).   But especially Matt.

We literally rented a U-haul to get back to ‘Bama.

While I’m recovering from our whirlwind trip, and sorting my new/old lot, I wanted to show you these interesting pieces I found last week.

knight bookend at perfectly imperfect

Yes, that is a bookend.  A knight in shining yellow armor.  I have two of the sunny suckers, and I wonder if any of you have run across any in your antiquing/flea marketing/fabulous shopping days?

They’re pretty fantastic, I think, and I’m enjoying them in our dining room for now.  They’ll probably make their way to the space at the shop, but for now, they’re just the bit of sunshine I’m craving.

how to paint furniture ebook at perfectly imperfect

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