<span “>Well, let me just say that I never imagined back in January when I began this blog, that anyone would read it, much less “follow” it.
<span “>I truly had no idea there was this world online and this network of amazing and talented women.  I have so enjoyed getting to know you all, and am truly grateful for another opportunity that God has thrown my way, to expand my boundaries and send me on another incredible path…one I feel like He has been secretly working towards.
<span “>I’ve been very mindful of you guys as my readers, my encouragers, my friends, and have so many things I want to do for you.  Like right now for instance, I’m trying to upload a post of a home tour that I know you’ll enjoy, but my photo storage is maxed out and I’m waiting for the additional storage to take effect.
<span “>  So, I thought I would snap some pics of the kitchen since I’ve never shown you and added new colors recently…and oh, wait, that would involve pictures.
<span “>I resign myself to no picture posts today, so I decided to work on an art project (for the kitchen), so when I can upload I will show you the kitchen and my version of  “family rules.”  But…alas, the day is fighting my creativity…the staples are jammed into the back of the frame I’m reworking, and I can’t find my needle nose pliers to save my life! (and the garden tool that I was using to lift them up is sort of digging into the cardboard I need to attach the new artwork)
<span “>So as I’m desperately trying to do something to share with you, it occurred to me that it just may not happen.  Especially since I have to get my little boy to his haircut appointment in 20 minutes.
<span “>It also occurred to me that not everyone has been around forever, and therefore may not have had the chance to poke around here very much.
<span “>I’ve gotten some questions about our house and not seeing it (and while I’ve shown you in stages), and it is out here….somewhere!
<span “>:)
<span “>So, some house stuff, some Perfectly Imperfect Restoration stuff, here they are….the most popular posts to date (in random order, because who has time for that?), links only.  You know, no pictures, remember?
<span “>I hope you enjoy!
<span “>Wagner Sprayer Video Tutorial and Review (plus you see lots of my random side)
<span “>(for those of you who don’t know, Darla was a very scary chair I reupolstered into my desk chair…she was tough, but gotta love her!)
<span “>Playroom Reveal
<span “>Hopefully, you’ll see me tomorrow with a fun home tour and Style Feature Saturday and some favs from last week!  We’ll be traveling all day on Saturday so we’ll get the party going…oh, and if you’re in the D.C. area, watch out…cause we’re headed your way!
<span “>:)
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