25 Artist Things | Shaunna Parker Studio | Creativity | Creative Encouragement

  1. Everyone is an artist in some form or another.
  2. I know, I didn’t believe that for a long time either.
  3. The best thing you can ever do for yourself is follow your mild, moderate, and insane passions.
  4. In the quiet of your mind and in the spark of your soul, What do you envision yourself doing?
  5. Find a way to do that.
  6. I find you are in one of two camps: a minimal amount of tools & supplies satisfies OR you can never have enough brushes, paints, palettes, etc.
  7. I fall in the latter camp.
  8. If you make, you are an artist.
  9. What you make…that is your medium.
  10. Good, bad, amateur or professional…doesn’t matter.
  11. You. are. an. artist.
  12. I know…I’ve said it a few times already.
  13. When I was a little girl, words were my art.
  14. They still are, but I just kept weaving paint into my practice.
  15. One of my biggest dreams is to create things that sew both of those together.
  16. I have found once you open the door to claiming yourself as artist, all kinds of things become interesting.
  17. You definitely see the world in a new way.
  18. Every limb, bud, blade of grass, finish on an old door is inspiration.
  19. Living a life in art means seeking the magic.
  20. Have I convinced you yet?
  21. We are kennel training Clemmie. She hasn’t stopped whining since I started typing.
  22. It breaks my heart. It is also the only way I can even work now.
  23. A suggestion: don’t throw your palettes away. Use paper palettes so you can snip little bits of them into abstract art/inspiration.
  24. Stop listening to that voice that says, “it must look this way to be art.”
  25. Breathe. Pick up your brush. Your tool. And create.

You might be surprised at what comes out of your hands when you do. 😉