25 Things | Shaunna Parker Studio | St. Augustine


  1. I know summer is official when I stop wearing makeup and have to talk myself into mascara.
  2. Also, my hair doesn’t know how to be “down.” Instead it’s in a messy for days and days until I wash it and put it back up in a bun.
  3. We found our first snake in the pool.
  4. it was a corn snake, so no harm, but if a corn snake can get in…
  5. Once, when Grayson was 3, a snake got into mom and dad’s pool while we were in it. I panicked and pulled myself out of the water and turned and grabbed Gray right behind me.
  6. My dad has not stopped accusing me of bailing on the kid since.
  7. These pool days here have turned into the longest summer days I remember.
  8. Maybe it’s because it is new for our family, but I like to think it’s because they feel so joyful.
  9. And stressful.
  10. Let’s be honest: 4 plus kids in a pool doesn’t go “swimmingly” the entire time.
  11. Mostly, it does though. #excellentfortheirsleep
  12. That pic above is from our dock at our place in St. Augustine–it was magical.
  13. Did I mention it was our honeymoon?
  14. Did I mention we were married in April 2020?
  15. If you missed that at-home, mid-pandemic ceremony, you can get a peek on Instagram.
  16. It was beauty and chaos and unimportant and monumental all at once.
  17. I’ll never forget my son volunteering to marry us.
  18. yes, it was legal. In Alabama, it’s just paperwork now. No officiant required.
  19. Made me feel weird for a while, but I moved on.
  20. Did you hear the news? We also just got a puppy.
  21. When I say puppy, I mean PUPPY.
  22. She’s tiny, sleeps a ton, and plays like a little firecracker.
  23. Or maybe a toddler on meth.
  24. We are exhausted. Andrew was sort of right.
  25. We’re keeping her anyway.