“I need clarity.” She said it matter of factly, and in exactly the way I would.

I was talking with a friend last week, and that ever present question came up. I can go this way or that way…what do I do; I am SO confused?

The coach and fixer in me always wants to produce some magical answer, but truthfully, sometimes the only answer is to be comfortable having no answer.

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It may sound fluffy, but believe me, I am a problem SOLVER. This is painful for me…to not know. After I sold the stores, and began consulting, I had no idea where I was really going. I couldn’t see much ahead of my feet much less the path I was on. I just wanted to know: am I going to stop blogging? Am I going to work in Opelika forever? Am I going to need to move there? Am I going to ever feel like my kids are happy again?

And even still, I had to pivot again a few years later. Life sort of forced me to deal with the fact that there was no answer…yet. It still does. Which tells me this: we spend a lot of time chasing having it all figured out, when really our job is to get up every day and figure out that day, our life, one moment at a time. We keep reaching to build a life we love, and keep putting our hands in the right mediums and around the right people.

Clarity can’t be forced, time to think and weigh must be pursued. Clarity arrives when we stop chasing it so damn hard. Keep living. Keep thinking. Give yourself permission to pause for a few days, weeks, or months. The answers will come.

Love to you,