1.   My brother recently told me he was going to start the anti-perfectlyimperfectblog. post pictures of our house in a mess, take a picture of me frustrated with the kids. This should have horrified me. Instead, it made me laugh til I cried. I’m still laughing, and I think it would be REALLY funny if he would just go through with it already.

2.  Yesterday my workout was so hard that I literally blogged several posts ahead and sat on the couch all day, catching up with The Biggest Loser and The Secret Circle.  Yes, I watch stuff like that.

3.  I keep almost ordering this Ballard fabric, but then something random happens and my cart loses all info.  And then I forget to order for a few more days and the cycle continues.

4.  You know that post I wrote on real organizing?  Can someone write one for me?  I had to clean our messy mess all day.

5.  I hate laundry.

6.  I love writing.

7.  The Smurfs was good then, and it’s good now.

8.  My iPhone keeps changing words to Allen. Why, you ask?  Great question, great question.

9.  Ava only wants to wear her hair in a pebbles-style ponytail.  I think it’s adorable.

10.  Ava’s ponytail probably horrifies the other moms.

11.  Grayson is the handsomest boy I know.

12.  I’m a fickle, fickle decorator.  I love too many styles, all at once.

13.  Julie (one of my bff’s) is currently texting me begging me to come pick Ava up.  Good, sounds like they had a great day.

14.  I hate C.C. (my trainer) every morning at approximately 8:31 a.m.  I get over it as the inches shed away.

15.  Where does the day go???  Oh yeah, me watching the Biggest Loser because I can’t move.

16.  Wondering if Matt hangs his coats up?  Ever…and I’m not kidding. They’re everywhere.  I’m jealous of his coat collection.

17.  Also wonder when we’ll go on a date again.

18.  I had the kids bathed and in pj’s by 3:42 p.m. today.  Hmm, am I trying to turn them into myself?

19.  I am sooo intriqued by idea of hiring an assistant or intern.  Maybe I’ll get one?

20.  I wonder if I’ll ever finish painting the hutch.  It’s not the quickest hand-painting I’ve ever done.

21.  PUMPED about getting contributors started–I think you’re going to love them!

22.  I really want to write another ebook.  Or better yet, a REAL, live book.  Anybody know any publishers?  I’ll definitely have to hire an assistant in either case.

23.  New York is calling my name again–I don’t know why going back is so on my mind.

24.  I’ve had approximately 5 cups of coffee today. ???

25.  25 thoughts doesn’t even begin to cover the randomness of my brain.

P.S.  At what number did you decide I’m losing it?