You guys were so cool about the last 25 Things, I decided I would keep them coming….

1.  Now Matt is leaving tags lying around.  From all the coats from last week.

2.  I love that song by Pink…”raise your glass.”  Why?  Is that weird?

3.  Filmmakers: Can we release a really good romantic comedy/drama?  Like The Holiday or Love, Actually?  I can’t take another (supposed to be) funny, sweet movie about depressing things (a.k.a. One Day).

4.  I bought a jar of Biscoff spread this week.  Yep, like the airplane cookies.  Who knew that existed???

5.  I caught Matt in the kitchen eating the Biscoff spread by the tablespoonfuls.

6.  I was jealous.

7.  I love that I follow Grayson’s teacher on Pinterest–her outfits are as cute in real life as her inspiration boards.

8.  I could have sworn that there was a gas leak in our house today.  Matt says it’s all the caffeine.

9.  A healthy amount of caffeine is an acceptable vice, in my opinion.

10.  Who knows how many times Ava will get strep throat this year?  It may be physically a part of her of her gene makeup–strep throat DNA.

11.  I’m trying to write my Word of the Year post right now…and I’m too torn between two words.  Does that mean my word should be INDECISIVE?

12.  Lance is coming home this weekend.  I think he’s really coming home to scout out for the  Watch out, little brother.  I’m watching you.

13.  Grayson’s new favorite is to pretend he’s clawman.  Who’s that? Dunno.   I know, kinda scary.

14.  Are you as confused as I am as to what year it is?

15.  I’m kinda over the paint color in my laundry room.  Surprise, surprise.

16.  Wondering how many people would come to a yard sale if I had one in Montgomery, Al??

17.  I still haven’t written a real-live book.  I realize it’s only been a week, but come on, slacker.

18.  My nose is cold in my house right now.  I’m in my pi’s.  It’s been a non-stop workday & I’m too engrossed to turn on the heat.  Think I’ll do this every week or two so I have an excuse to sit down.

19.  Except it hurts to sit down.  Thank you, trainer C.C.

20.  I downloaded this Beth Moore book to my iPhone…love the book, but the voice is kinda too sultry for me….kinda weird if you ask me.

21.  Sometimes (after I’ve had too much coffee) I kind of broadway snap & dance around the house singing “Rolling in the Deep.”

22.  You don’t do that?!?

23.  I’m doing it right now.

24.  I wonder if I’ll lose readers over these posts.

25.  Unless…you’re as random as I am?