Dear Grayson,

letter to a birthday boy

You’re adorable.

I bet the Pioneer Woman & Charlie think so too.

Especially because you said that we went to school at dark early.

letter to a birthday boy

You’re such a strange, funny kid.  You’d rather build a lego castle and hang with your dad than play all the video games in the world.

I love that about you.

letter to a birthday boy

Did you know that?

That your mama loves you more than she can hardly stand it at times.  I’d love to take away every bit of pain, heartache, and worry you might ever have.

But I also want you to learn.  To become a man like your daddy.  Your daddy is the best builder in the world…and so much more.

letter to a birthday boy

I love your smile.  I love how you can tell 20 minute stories that put me to sleep.  I love how smart you are, and how you’ll straight up ask for space (from even adults) when you need it.

Kevin, that was for you.

I cannot wait to see what you get into…what you dream up to become.  Because I know this…

You will be something.  You’ll shine; I just know it.

You already do.

My prayer is that we encourage you to reach, stretch, and expand your boundaries.  I have lots of prayers for you, little one.

I’m sorry school has been weird lately.  I’m sorry you are hurting…but you are loved, you are cherished, important, and hands down the coolest kid I know.

And I know a lot of kids.

I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so crummy lately.  I think we’re on the way to getting better.  You are so brave, and I love that you like to chat with all the docs.

I think they like it, too.

Keep praying for peace for me.  I worry about you.

Occupational hazard.

Thanks for making me laugh every other second of the day.  Thanks for going with me in the spring if we get this gig.  It’ll be a big adventure that I can’t wait to share with you.

I hope you have a great dinner tonight, and feel as special as you actually are.  I hope you laugh easily, and worry little.

I hope you order a piece of cake so I can have a bite.

letter to a birthday boy

Happy 5th Birthday, baby.

Your mama loves you.

**For those of you who have checked on Gray, here’s the latest update: We took him to a neurologist at Children’s Hospital at Birmingham on Monday.  MS was ruled out, which is AMAZING, but there are still some things to look at.  He’ll have a sedated MRI next Tuesday.  They’ll be looking for a syrinx, which is basically a swelling of the fluid around the spinal cord and base of the brain.  It typically causes the symptoms Grayson is having.  We are worried, but at the same time, feel like we’ll be given strength and grace when we need it.  And until then, we’ll be given the patience to wait.  Hard, but it is what it is.  We know we probably can’t fix it by worrying.  🙂  Thank you for your support and prayers; I’m sure I’ll be keeping you updated.  Thanks, friends.  For everything.**