Change is a good thing.

I firmly believe it.

It can still be scary, strange, or even surreal.  I think that’s why I’m so distracted this week.  I haven’t posted quite as much as usual, and honestly, haven’t cleaned the house, cooked a lot, or completed any new projects.

I’ve been too busy thinking.  And loving on my family.

Since the beginning of this year, everything changed.  The blog has grown, I self-published a book, there has been magazine fun, and all other sorts of things going on.  We’ll air on the Nate show soon, and you know what we were up to last week…it’s all been this huge present, a gift we never expected or anticipated.  Or deserved.

Design TV Pilot with the Lettered Cottage couple

Those two on the right are some of our best buds, and if things go well, they’ll have a show on HGTV pretty soon.

Wanna know something cool?

If the show airs, I think yours truly will be working with them.


I’m still bewildered, but we had so much fun, and I LOVED everyone at the production company…and I think everyone agreed the whole week just worked.  You know what I mean?

More details to follow, because as Layla’s post said, there won’t be a for sure yes or no until at least Thanksgiving…but it is humbling and crazy and thrilling.  The offer alone is so amazing and again, WOW.

Does anybody wanna travel along to hang out with my kids??  🙂

Here’s to crossed fingers…