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You guys were so kind to compliment the guest bedroom reveal so graciously!  I thought you might want to see some details and costs.
Alright, first let me say all the art you see above was either previously owned or printed from The Graphics Fairy.  I love all of her letters and script and as I’m drawn to that completely, I couldn’t help but use it.


I did keep the original hardware on the wisteria-inspired chest, but only on the three small drawers in the center.


Don’t you love the first weekend I had company someone had to smudge the chalkboard….I’m quite sure it was my little brother.
Speaking of him, I miss him all the time.  Can he not just move back home already??
Anyway, that was a funny little framed picture of a dress…kind of like that Paris collection at Hobby Lobby.  I just sprayed the inside with chalkboard paint I had lying around.


The headboard….I love the headboard.  It’s so light and airy, yet it draws my eye upward to the high ceilings.  I found these salvaged trellis pieces at our local antique shop…which I LOVE…it’s the perfect blend of antique mall and flea market.  They were $18 each, making the headboard $54.


Speaking of cost, the chest was free.  My adorable mom was with me while shopping for clients and we ran across this piece.  She saw how much I loved it, and bought it for me!


I replaced the larger drawers’ hardware with these vintage keyhole knobs from Anthropologie.  They were actually a bit of an investment at $8 a piece.


I painted this little urn I already had with some DecoArt metallic paint….I believe the color was Silver Sage. I just brushed it over the gold so it peeked through a bit. I also took some reeds I had in a craft bag and sprayed them with a little white to ease some of the yellow.


This is a framed version of our wedding invitation and was a gift to us…it’s so very special and it fits in here nicely.  It’s such an interesting interpretation of the actual invite…the “corners” are the actual ribbon from the inner envelope.


And the French chair, the love of my life.  I’m still working on getting it into my living room or master somehow….I need to see it everyday.  The little pillow was sewn from 1/2 yard of fabric….Waverly Trellis in turquoise. ($12 a yard)


These curtains were another gift back in the day from my mom.  When Grayson was born 4 years ago, and she was sleeping in this room, the morning sun proved to be way too harsh after a night of brand-new baby sleep.  After a few days, they simply landed themselves on our doorstep via her credit card.  She was really excited about them…and I love them still.


The antique trunk is one of my favorite additions. I had looked all over 3 states and about 15 cities for one of these under $70, and finally found one in Tennessee when visiting Matt’s family.  It was 60 dollars and hand-painted in the most awful grapes/vine pattern.  A fresh coat of white was all it needed for a new look and is the perfect space for extra pillows and quilts.



I already mentioned the bedding…Pottery Barn Candlewick Duvet and Hanna Quilt Shams for $40 total on Ebay.


This French pillow slip from Ticking and Toile was a pricey purchase for me…but I LOVE it.  It was $39.95, if I remember correctly.


Want to see how we’ve got this headboard rigged up?  We have the pieces zip-tied to four spindles we had lying in our garage.


The wall collage is made from meaningful prints and textures…the framed map is one we bought while we were in the Bay Islands of Honduras.
(Headed there this summer…CANNOT WAIT to go!)
I painted some frames with Liquid Silver Leaf I had, and the twig wreath came from Hobby Lobby for $2.


The bedside table was purchased for $30 and refinished.


Keeping with the palette and vision of the room, I added a seagrass basket and our honeymoon albums purchased in Hawaii….perfect texture.


Um, everything in the room is not perfect or where it should be.
Make sure you add this touch…. a huge blob of paint on the trim. You’ll love that.


And that awesome lamp and linen shade??


Walmart, baby. $40 total…again I love finding a good thrift store find, but it is also important to make sure we love the items we put in our home…not just the value.  (Let me say for the record that it’s quite nice when those two line up 🙂


The mirror I had in our garage from my time as a Director at Southern Living at HOME, now Willow House.
(Speaking of, have you visited Heather’s Willow House store and checked it out?? Link from her button is my sidebar)


The lamp on the opposite side of the bed is the result of mixing the sea grass shade with another base.  Both of these came from other rooms in the house.


This room is about tranquility and peace and rest.
For my guests….and we love having company.
It was so much fun to put all these little pieces of the puzzle together, especially since I started with a bad paint job and a mattress and box springs.
Grand Total, floor to ceiling…
And because we wanna keep it light around here….do you remember this video of me and my crazy husband putting the wall collage together?

What do you think?Is it all in the details?