Happy Saturday!
I’m so very overwhelmed this week.
Overwhelmed with gratitude, that is.
It seems that this itty-bitty thing has turned into a part-time job, this squeaking turning well-oiled machine that I thrive to operate, that I am inspired by, that I love.
I love writing for/with you guys.  I hope you hear me.  I LOVE it.  As big things are happening behind the scenes, I want you to keep hearing that….man, it almost seems crazy, but you guys are such a huge part of my world now.  I cannot imagine you not being in it.
Soooo, being the sap that I am, I’m going to say it again….thank you.  Also, I’m shouting a humble thanks this week to my new readers.  Thanks for hanging out!
You guys are all dream-makers.
Along that note, it’s getting time to release theE-book.
Can you believe it???  This thing was a simple idea, a dream, and it’s finally coming to existence.  You can read more about the beginning of this journey here.
I’m pulling out the green pen (because red is kind of scary) for  editing, and working on implementing the design with my incredible friend and partner, Lauren.
It’s time to give you an idea of what this thing is all about….what you’ll be getting.
*this is a book.  yes, it’s electronic, but I wanted to write a book.  One with beautiful graphics and appealing layout.  One with beautiful typography and creative design.  I wanted it to feel like me…on a page. 😉
*fully interactive.  It will include turning pages, links, photography, and video.
*not your basic how to paint guide.  while those are wonderful (and how can we do without a “how-to?”), this book is about “Creating Your Masterpiece”….it’s about how we create warmth and character for our homes through the art of painting/refinishing our furniture.
We’ll go through several finishing treatments: stripping and re-staining, basic painting techniques, dry brushing, Wisteria-inspired and layered finishes, glazing/staining, and sealing.  There will be full-video tutorials for glazing a professional finish and even tricks for natural distressing.  It cannot possibly cover everything, so there are already plans for supplemental guides!
*Broken into 3 sections….The Vision, The Work, The Masterpiece. The Vision will cover how we find and become inspired by our piece, the work covers the step-by-step how to’s (including pictures for steps!), and the Masterpiece will focus on the finished products…detailed descriptions of treatment processes for lots of work (all photographed) and the fun stuff….hardware and styling.
*My prayer is that this book is not simply informative, but inspires you to pick up your paintbrush and create masterpieces for your families to cherish forever.
Ready to read yet??
The book will launch around the beginning of March!  I’m so excited I can hardly wait!  I will be offering a deep discount to my email list, so if you want to be included please leave me a comment in this post leaving your email address. (if you don’t have a google friend account, simply comment anonymously and leave your email)
There will also be a discount for you guys on Launch Day, and after the first 24 hours, the book will sell for regular price.  Be sure to join me on Facebook and Twitter as discount codes, specials, and giveaway’s (at this blog and others) will be announced there.
I am going to affiliate advertise, however, I only want to place this book in places where it fits well, where my advertisers would truly benefit from it.  It’s not about me putting it out there everywhere….but you enjoying it!  If you are interested, please email me at shaunna@harristire.com with “Ebook Affiliate Advertising” as the subject.
Speaking of you guys and your brilliance, I wanted to show off some of your work that caught my eye last week at Style Feature Saturday.  We are traveling this weekend, so I may run a weekday edition this week.
Thanks to everyone for linking up….here are a few of my favorites:
Pottery Barn Number Art @ Sassy Style
French Dresser @ Primitive and Proper
Cool Shelf Re-do @ Texas Tales
Beautiful DIY Kitchen @ Creating Balance
Enviable Pantry Makeover @ Sand and Sisal
Wisteria (i like these 🙂 Inspired Dresser @ Down on Sanford
Don’t forget to leave me your email address for the first news on the book….can’t wait to see what you think!
I’ll be back tomorrow with some details on the guest room.
Thinking of you while I write today…