I’ve learned a lot about my creative process the last couple of years.

For instance, if I try to write mid-day, it’s useless, hopeless even.

But if I begin at the first light of day when the world is quiet and my soul is still…magic.  If even I wait until the place where day turns to evening and the trees dance above the lake across the drive, words come still.  Morning writing brings hope, and evening writing brings depth.

And while there are a million more things I’d love to say about these precious books given to me by the sweetest friend…I will leave you with this one truth.  Friendship worth having (much like a marriage) takes work.

Hard, grace-filled, love outpouring work. Giving-your-best-friend-your-most-beautiful-antique-Marie-Antoinette-memoirs-work.  Youth isn’t the only thing wasted on the young.  Friendship can come and go so quickly when we become grownups.  The truth is that most of us want to go on wanting what we want than humble ourselves before people.  We get our feelings hurt and it’s over.  It becomes hard and it’s over.

It becomes real and it’s over.

I have a few precious friends who have stuck with me.  Those women who have found me wanting and loved me anyway.  The ones who forgive me, and work with me, and deal with me despite my flaws.  You each know who you are; you are my iron & man, am I grateful for your hearts.  That is friendship.  Find friends who are willing to work through things with you.  Disagree with you, and then let it all go.  Find friends whose forgiveness abounds.

They will be treasured.  Much like these exquisite books.

P.S.  Lisa, I’m still blown away by your kindness and attention to detail.  Folks, these books were some of Lisa’s favorites, and after noticing me commenting on them a few years, she graciously gave them to me for my birthday on my visit.  Beautiful, beautiful heart, friend.

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