Well, of course I incited the organizing/simplifying gods to smite me down when I boldly stated we’d completely finish organizing the house in 3 short months.

We started with a crazy amount of business work (the retail side of the business), then were stuck in with a winter storm, had a bunch of book edits, and now two of our group, including me, have come down with the head cold of the century.

First world problems aside, it’s slowed me down for sure.


Remember Julie?  When said winter storm iced the roads, the sweet thing was here for a while, and wound up spending FOUR nights at our place.  After a couple of days of doing the dishes and playing in the snow, we found ourselves sort of staring at each other.  I started working on cleaning Ava’s insanely messy room up, but Julie was still pacing.  I rattled off a few things that could use doing around here, and…

“Let’s clean out the attic closet!”

Now three thoughts raced through my mind…”Has she seen the closet?”

“Don’t blink, just GO.”

“Whoa, this is gonna be intense.”

Organizing & Simplicity Update | perfectly imperfect

So the brave girl and I sat down to clean out 30 or 40 storage tubs of baby clothes, old documents, about 40 old journals of mine, pictures, cords…you name it.  The theater closet (not the actual attic), is our “dump zone” for all things we wish to banish out of sight.

Mirrors, old lamps, clothes that don’t fit…it all wound up here for the last 11 years.  It’s finally too full to hold anything else, and truly, was I planning to save all of the kids’ clothes until their 18th birthday??  I mean, I will cry a little if we decide to have another baby and have to buy more passies/bottles/jumpers, etc., but really, how long could it stay?

Julie and I both woke up a bit sick the next morning, and we only accomplished a little more work.  Same with yesterday.  BUT, now we have only four bins left to sort and purge and then, we will be DONE with the worst dumping ground in our home.

If I can tackle this disaster in the first 3 weeks of my plan to finish simplifying our life, then I feel like I can tackle any of it.  It was motivating, for sure.  I’ll show you what we do with all the empty tubs, but this reveal won’t be so beautiful.

It is most definitely, however, freeing.

Live simply, today, friends.

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