I’ve been collecting notecards, paper, journals, & little notebooks for years.  I am what you would dub a list-maker, and much of what I accomplish in a week’s time should be attributed to what I refer to as the list.

If you know me at all you know I travel everywhere with one or several…to the shop, to a doctor’s appointment, and well, for a weekend getaway, rest assured there will be an entire handbag reserved for my notebooks and the like.

A while back, I began thinking about all those old stacks of notecards & journals, laughing about my little addiction that I’ve had all these years.  Pause on that a moment.

Because of my love for all things paper, I asked my crazy talented friend Lauren (graphic designer who designed my ebook, photographer, & mom extraordinaire) to begin designing monthly printables for you guys.  I know, right??

Imagine my surprise when my sweet friend designed these notecards…

In Lauren’s own words (in reference to her grandmother)…

“She has written me letters since I left for college.  I have received one about every three months for the last 10 years- a hand-written note scribbled on a piece of stationary catching me up on our family, the weather and her garden.  I have treasured them and kept every single one to this day.  I have occasionally responded, but usually justify not with how busy I am, until now.  I have tried to write her everyday she has been in the rehab center, because I know how much she has missed being at home.

We seldom write people anymore.  We email, text and sometimes call, but I know how much I love getting actual mail…”

free printable notecards | perfectly imperfect

Lauren is right on…we rarely make the time to make such a personal connection with others.  Connection that, honestly, is what makes life worth the living.  After reading Lauren’s email and printing my own cards out, I sat down to write a letter to one of the people that mean the most to me in this world.

free printable notecards | perfectly imperfect

I, for one, sometimes skip letters because I feel they should be full of news and events, stories, and well….I run out of time.  Writing a simple hello, though, seems doable.

Do you feel this way?  Enchanted by receiving mail but often failing to send some instead?

Can we start an accountability group?

free printable notecards | perfectly imperfect

Lauren was kind enough to design us 3 styles of notecards (I’m CRAZY for all three), and you can print your own from our downloads page, here.

Let us know how you use these adorable prints, & I hope we’ll all take a few minutes out of the hectic week and say a good old fashioned hello to someone we love.

P.S.  FUN update on the blog tomorrow…come back to see more of Ava’s room progress!