To say that I’m a leeetle aggravated that I’ve lost my 7D’s USB is a bit of an understatement.

Here we are.  It’s the end of the 31 days we’ve spent together on this journey to open our shop, and I can’t even show you progress day by day.  I’d love to catch up on the two days I lost, but I’d love for you to see what we’ve been up to!

After whining to myself all day about the lack of visuals, I decided to throw my caution to the wind.

I chose to blog without pictures.


After painting for what felt like 4 months, we have moved on to the fun stuff.  Who cares if I still have to paint three or four pieces of furniture & finish the shop counter.  My arm needed a break.  We started uncovering upholstered/new furniture on Saturday, and boy, was. it. fun.

And overwhelming.

This pile of stuff that’s been sitting there to the side now has to find a home–has to find a spot that makes sense.  I’m not easily intimidated by space planning, but y’all, it’s 2800 square feet of wide open space.

I had lots of helpers come that day, and my sweet cousin Jennifer came by first…and helped all day long.  I meant to snap a pic of her hard at space planning, but time got away from me.  She just kept reminding me to place one item at a time, which was totally helpful, because I kept staring around blankly, not sure where to put things…even though I sketched the layout months ago!

Talk about choking.

My other cousin, Eden, and my aunt came by and we all unloaded our beautiful Monroe sofa (which I’ve deemed as Hepburn because she’s so classic and lovely).  Here’s where pictures would be helpful.

My sweet friends, Jenn and Jenn (yep) came from Montgomery to help, and it couldn’t have been any more of a joy to see them.  The place was full and busy and happy, people coming and going all day, and it stirred hope in me for the future of what could happen within these walls.

I’ll show you pictures as soon as I can find a way to get them on my computer!

Along other news, we’ve decided on an opening date.  We will open the shop on November 8th at 10 am!  Our Grand Opening will be that Saturday, November 10th at 10 am.  If you’re thinking about driving to the opening, this is the date you’ll want to come!  We are planning on all sorts of fun stuff like giveaways (think t-shirts, chalk paint starter kits, some home decor, etc.), cupcakes, and well, you get the idea.  I’ll also be doing a Chalk Paint™ demo around Noon that day, sharing some quick tips on my favorite finishes and waxing!  There will even be a drawing for a piece of furniture painted by yours truly–I really, really hope I get to meet some of you that day & see some familiar faces that have been to workshops, etc.

It should be the most fun-filled paint/home decor shop opening day of all time.

I’ll keep sharing details the next few days, and here’s hoping we can find that picture-producing cord!

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