Thanks for coming to read 31 Days to OPEN our new shop!  I hope you’ll scroll down to read day 1, and here is the rest of the series…

Day 2: the why

Day 3: the what

Day 4: the list

Day 5: the heart

Day 6: the end of week 1 & the habit

Day 7: the crazies

Day 8: the thorns in my side

Day 9: the flooring arrived!

Day 10: the ceiling issue

Day 11: the profit

Day 12: life, resumed

Day 13: the ceiling progress

Day 14: the flooring is done!

Day 15: the boxes

Day 16: the confessions of an old shop renovator

Day 17: the inside scoop on Market

Days 18 & 19: the paint colors

Day 20: the brick wall trim, the pitch fork, & the body parts

Day 21: the day I recharged & dreamed big

Day 22: the shop counter

Day 23: the new schedule

Day 24: the pillows

Day 25: the pinecones

Day 26: the time I lost 2 days & couldn’t upload pictures

Day 27: the styling & the Grand Opening date

Day 28: the community & the shop at night


Well, after writing a seriously touching and poignant post (I thought) about the imperfections in life, I decided to change my 31 days topic.

It’s not that I didn’t want to write about those beautiful imperfections, but my brain and my heart is pretty occupied with opening the shop right now.  I’m excited by it, terrified of it, intimidated, thrilled, nervous, inspired.

Because of this, and because a ton of Facebook votes, I’m changing my topic…

31 Days to OPEN | Perfectly Imperfect

It’s lofty at this point, but I would LOVE to open the shop/studio on November 1.  That gives me roughly 31 days to get it ALL done.  And there’s a LOT to do.  I thought it would be a blast to share all of the ins and outs, the ups and downs of getting this place going.

What do you say??

I’m not sure it will actually happen in 31 days…we are waiting on several things from the landlord, etc. that are totally out of our control.  BUT….we did get a key today.

And that means I can begin the work I need to get done.  Or, more accurately, the work that Natalie, Anna Lauson, (sometimes) Matt, and I need to get done.

31 Days to OPEN | Perfectly Imperfect

inside the shop, before.  some of you have asked: yes, the clothes are from the old shop–all leaving us. 🙂

It’s actually really exciting to me to share it all with you–this will simply be another part of this online journal that is our life.

So thankful to have each of you along for the ride!

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