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So, waaayy back when I started writing 25 Things, and introduced my little brother to y’all, you told me he should totally write a post of his own.

I could not argue with you, right??  I couldn’t help but interject, though, when I read something that resonated with me–you’ll find my words in italics.

Take it away, little brother…

1.  Wine

2.  I have been wanting to read four Earnest Hemingway novels.

3. Instead, recent books I’ve read include Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, & Percy Jackson

4.  Very thankful for the “adult” in young adult” genre…it offers much peace about my choice to read something that can be comprehended by the likes of puberty stricken 7th graders.  (ouch)

5.  I want to make wine…instead I sell tires.

6.  Midnight in Paris is quite possibly the most creative depiction of the romantic human condition I have ever seen.

7.  Shaunna hated Midnight in Paris. (true)

8.  It is absolutely impossible for me to eat just one Starburst…

9.  I love going to the movies alone (creeper??)

10.  Some docs, without hesitation, would classify my love for Disney World as an unhealthy coping mechanism.


11.  I am consistently amazed at J.M. Barrie’s genius every time I take flight with Peter Pan.

12.  I will start the anti-perfectly imperfect blog. (watch it, kid)

13.  I am a practicing extrovert who is desperately jealous of the introverted lifestyle.

14.  My dog is named Copper after The Fox and the Hound.  The only difference is my Copper would have eaten Todd at first chance.

15.  I have a degree in Theology, which ultimately means I have a professional opinion. (lol, also true)

16.  When people impersonate me they tend to sound like a southern, illiterate, Barney the Dinosaur…maybe that says something about me.

17.  Still learning to ask the right questions rather than seeking the right answers.

18.  Nashville is the greatest city in the world!!! (not really, but to me, it is)

19.  Anthony Bourdain is my hero.  (I think he might be a little obnoxious)

20.  Never will I utter the words, “I always wanted to go there.”

21.  When I was a kid I would take naps with a knitted blanket so I could watch TV through the holes.  Unfortunately, I was frequently watching Days of Our Lives.

22.  I miss naps.


23.  I date an incredibly talented, intelligent, stunningly beautiful woman, who, by the way, happens to be way out of my league.  (i gotta say, as much as I adore Sara like a sister, no one’s out of your league–you are shaping up to be quite an amazing man, little brother.)

24.  Impatiently waiting on the perfectly patient return of my Lord. (amen)

25. Writer’s block.


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