Hi there, friends!

There are a few changes around this blog of mine that I wanted you guys to be aware of.

perfectly imperfect

Something small but really exciting to me–we’ve added “home” to the tagline of perfectly imperfect.

Obviously, most of what I write about involves home, so I was ready to make sure that was reflected in the header.  Love it.

Secondly, I’m sure a lot of you have heard Google will be removing Google Friend Connect from all non-Blogger blogs…that’s this guy:

perfectly imperfect

That means if you’re on of those 3, 321 folks, you will stop getting updates from my blog after March 1!  We’ve already removed that feature to take away any confusion.

Not to worry, you can follow us through lots of other ways.

perfectly imperfect

I am getting accustomed to reading my blogs in Google Reader, and that seems to be the most popular way to read this blog…just click the far left button in subscribe & find, and my posts will be delivered to your reader.

I’m such a visual person, so I have found that I usually click over to the actual blog to read the post.  It inspires me to have the blog’s “personality” all around me!

perfectly imperfect

You can also subscribe by email and have posts delivered to your inbox for free!  Find that at the bottom of our sidebar there on the left.

And, of course, you can follow us elsewhere on the www.

perfectly imperfect        perfectly imperfect

Pinterest has completely stolen my heart, by the way.

how to paint furniture at perfectly imperfect

I’ve also gotten a ton of questions about when my ebook will release.

how to paint furniture ebook at perfectly imperfect

The good news is my ebook released March 1, 2011.  You can find it on the ebook page, and you can choose between the interactive version and the PDF, which is compatible for mobile devices like your iPhones & iPads.

Let me know if you have any other questions–it’s time to update our FAQ’s!

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