Do many things today.  One being write a detailed post on using textures and actions to photos.  Another being edit all said photos.  Another being return a week’s worth of emails.

And lots more internet-related tasks.

But, alas, our modem went kerplunk and I was left to play around with other things.  The kids, number one (they had quite a lot of fun on our yard sale trips this a.m.), but I mean other things…


I’ve been adding a bit of summer here and there to the ole perfectly imperfect casa, and adding some new decor and textures for the soon-to-be-painted walls (to white).   You’ll get to see a reveal or two in the next week, and I’m hoping we will have the whole downstairs painted and the dining room done by Ava’s birthday…that’s mid-July.

We almost built the 7 foot tall built-in’s for the dining room today.


It’s been an almost-got-done kind of day.



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