It seems my posting schedule is a bit off…you’re getting some late afternoon/evening posts from me lately, and I suppose that’s because I’m working night and day on editing the Ebook.
Thanks for understanding and reading along. 
the freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts.  the absence of luxury, pretentiousness, ornament.  
I know many of us feel the need to live simply after the holidays with all their sparkle and hype.  Many of the projects I’m doing around the house are cut and dry…
paint that door
clean out closets
re-style the mantle
paint that chest
I’m not quite ready for book wreaths or creating abstract art.  My brain needs to de-clutter and check off straightforward tasks.
When it came time to style the entry, I just didn’t want to think.
I grabbed a few things I have been appreciating the last few months and put them together.

What I got was free of luxury and ornament.  Free of fuss.  


The most random objects come together to form happy in my home.
I treasure the special, the sentimental, the “me.”

(if you are a lover of typography, you must have this book.  Grab it at Amazon for a discounted price.)

Be still my heart.
Just looking at this book inspires me to do great things.

This is even a section we cover in the book…stop worrying whether  it’s perfect and place the things you love in your home.
I promise you won’t regret it.
In other news….

I’ve decided those doors are coming down, baby.
If I were on Twitter, this is where I’d say