After my Christmas Dejunkification the other night, it was time to tackle some empty spots around our home.  The mantle was tackled first.

Books have been a part of design forever, and we all know I love them.  I just found a collection of 10 first additions children’s classics… all ten for $20.
Um, yes, please.
In honor of their new place in our lives, I wanted to pay homage to the gift of the written word….hence, my messy library-inspired mantle.
Totally imperfect.  But you guys know that’s pretty much what makes me “me.”
Having all those editions piled in one place creates instant art and the beauty of collection.  Plus, just look at them….not to be a girl, but they’re so pretty.

Those letters you see attached to the mercury’d window panes were such a gift.  Matt wrote Gray, Ava, and I each one the night he left for China (that very long 3 week trip).  Of course, I was in tears when I found them on our pillows and they will forever be a treasure to me.

Also loving that “14” sitting up there.
It’s not the only place this look has found its way in our home…

(I cannot say enough how much I love the look, feel, weight, typography, and photos in Sibella Court’s book!)

What about you?
Now that Christmas is all put away, what’s dusting the surfaces in your homes?
Oh, one quick thing….found out the blog is being featured on Design Sponge today in the before and after’s section, so head over and check them out.  I’m completely humbled and honored….thanks Design Sponge!!!!