Hey friends!  Coming to you from Las Vegas this week.  My guy had a work trip and sort of arranged for me to accompany him…kid free!
Anyway, we’re having a ball out here with my cousin and her husband and I’m trying to balance seeing and doing (because I’m a total tourist) with relaxing and sleeping.
Hence, the reason I’m coming to you at 11 am this time still in bed, in my pj’s, drinking some coffee and checking out the view.
I know, I’m not trying to rub it in….this is the first time in 2 years we’ve been away if it makes you feel better!
I am VERY excited to get to work once I get home.  I’ve got some projects for our house, and lots of projects for PI.  I have a few french provencal pieces, 3 antique chests of drawers (each with such beautiful detailing), a coffee table, 2 chairs to paint and reupholster, and 6 or 7 antique frames to paint and turn into art or chalkboards.
I’m branching out and hosting a boutique in April for the locals here…a new endeavor, but one I’m excited about.  For this, I’ll take lots of furniture, of course, but I’ll be bringing some smaller things as well…art made with books and sheet music, chalkboards, revamped lamps, and other pieces I put my stamp on.  It’s exciting and new, and I’m anxious to get to work collecting and reworking each piece.
That, and the E-book is itchingly close to being finished!
All in good balance, of course, as there will be school to plan/finish, diapers to change, babies to feed,etc.
Just thought I’d show you a little transformation I did a while back.
I found this little plant stand at my local antiques shop for 10 bucks.


The tops had a cracking veneer on them, so I sanded it down, and used Kilz original primer to create a smooth surface.
I was needing an extra-tall side table in the writing room, and for now, this will do for the spot.


I don’t have any close-ups as I think they’ve lept out of my hard drive (because I know they were there!), but a pretty gray I found in the oops section was the choice.  It’s sanded down to the white in some places and to the wood in others.
Very subtle and neutral…and charming.
I’m sure it will be one of those pieces I sell eventually, but for now it can hang by the daybed.
Hope y’all are having a great week, and I can’t wait to hang with you when I get home…and share this next chapter with you all.
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