Hello everyone! I’m so happy to be back after my holiday break; I’ll share some things I have been working on soon, but in the meantime, here’s what I wrote about my time away from sharing online. Happy to be back with you…say hello in the comments!


It was December 23, and I was done. I was taking off for the week of Christmas, but even better, I had planned all year to take January off.

Like off off.

On Rest & The Plans We Cling To | Shaunna Parker | Weekly Word

No client calls, no meetings, no group trainings, no blogging, very little interaction on social media, no art sales….no nothing.

I could almost taste the time away. I would fill it with painting and shooting and reading beautiful books. I would plan and dream for the year. I would do the creative work, but I wouldn’t feel the pressure to share any of it until February. A whole month of creativity and brainstorming and obscurity. We traveled and it was wonderful, and the time off was kicked off to a great start.

On Rest & The Plans We Cling To | Shaunna Parker | Weekly Word

And then…life.

I got sick after Christmas, knocking out a whole week. My anxiety had been more palpable than ever, and I just couldn’t summon the motivation to create anything. I couldn’t dream up plans. Hell, I barely got the laundry done consistently.

The kids had a lot going on emotionally, and we spent so many nights talking through their lives, and how to untangle thoughts from reality. I was spent emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Then we got Covid.

I’m giggling as I type, because for the love of sweet baby Jesus, could nothing go to plan?

Where were the afternoons drinking tea, sitting outside sketching, the mornings filled with walks and yoga? Or the early morning writing sessions? Ahem, nowhere to be found.

And then I got FRUSTRATED.

Here it is, though, January 22, and I have painted twice. I have written a total of 6 pages, and I haven’t shot one beautiful picture of paint or worked through my plans for the year. But, and this, my loves, is an important but…I have spent loads of intentional time with my family. I have gone to my therapist and taken more naps than I can count. I have enjoyed slow mornings, and long talks with every one of my people. I have prayed outside in the cold night air, and met with my spiritual coaches (yes, I have those).

On Rest & The Plans We Cling To | Shaunna Parker | Weekly Word

I have rested. Maybe for the first time in years, or ever…I have rested.

What does it look like when the plans we cling to fade away? It can seem like hell and feel like chaos or, we can look at it with fresh eyes instead. We can seek, ask questions, and be open to learning what the universe is so desperately trying to show us.

What God is trying to say.

On Rest & The Plans We Cling To | Shaunna Parker | Weekly Word

We can surrender.

Be still. Rest. You are enough. Breaks can be just that…a break. They don’t have to be month-long creative retreats or working in different ways. Your time can be filled with what you have to give and what you need to receive.

Since there’s really no alternative, why not go with it?

On Rest & The Plans We Cling To | Shaunna Parker | Weekly Word

It is January 22, and I have nothing and everything to show for it.

And it’s enough.