Listen.  I know everyone thinks their kids are cute.  I know they’re mostly just cute to us.  But in the spirit of that (and the fact that I had zero desire to decorate the house for Christmas today & she got me into it), I’m going to record a few of our conversations here.  She made me laugh.  Especially with the comment on the basil.


Ava: We need to finish the porch today. That’s last on our list.

Me: Do you want to paint the pots then?

Ava: Why do we gotta paint the pots?

Me: Cause they’re blue and they don’t look like Christmas with our wreaths.

Ava: Well then what color are we gonna paint them?

Me: I have a really pretty green and white.

Ava: Reeeealllyyy?? Why can’t we paint the pots red?? For Santa and his big ole belly? Insert sad pouty face here.


Christmas Decorating with Ava | perfectly imperfect

yep…this sums it up

Me: Let’s hang the mistletoe.

Ava: Yea let’s hang it!

Me: Do you know what happens under the mistletoe?

Ava: Yeesssss, you fall in loovveeeee.

Me: Slaps hand to forehead.


Me: (Quietly placing the garland on the foyer table)

Ava: Whew!! That sure is a lot of basil!