I was walking on the beach, the sun on my face and salt in the air.  To my right there were two women talking.  One younger, wearing shorts and a tank top and the other, older, wrapped in a sweatsuit and wearing sunglasses the size of saucers.

I happened to overhear a snippet of their conversation.  The young girl said to the older woman, “It’s like when we get back home from this trip, my whole life begins.” I looked over, just barely, and my mouth turned into a slight smile.

I walked on, back to my chair, and when I sat down, her words hung in the air.  I wanted to turn to her.  To tell her.  I’ve been where you are.  I’ve stood at precipices in my life, waiting.  Waiting for that one thing to be done.  That one thing to happen at work. That one day.

The Corners | Perfectly Imperfect
I wanted to tell her though.  Your life has already begun.  It is happening, all around you.  In moments and hours and days and years.  In quiet corners and loud rooms.  Don’t wait.  Not for anything.  You might wake up at 34 and have a lot of realizations hit you all at once.

And it struck me, how alike we all are.  How we search for the same things, and are muddling through the waiting periods.  How so much of life is connecting the dots to big moments, big destinations…one small moment at a time. Someone told me this week that I live in the future.  All the time.  Because the future is blissful and perfect and there are no limits there.

The Corners | Perfectly Imperfect
I don’t like limits. I am not that patient.

Some things are worth the waiting.  Worth the confetti and the celebration and the hype.  But I don’t want to wait for everything.  I want to live in the small dots, the corners.

The Corners | Perfectly Imperfect
In the waiting, I want to feel peace.  Find faith.  Be free.  I think we all do.  The connections will all make sense eventually.

And another big day will come.