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1.  So I have this thing with sharks.

2.  It’s a hate/can’t avert my eyes from the train wreck kind of thing.

3.  I am terrified of them.  Like hard for me to relax in the ocean terrified.

4. But I love the ocean…love it.

5.  I have nightmares about said sharks.

6.  every month or so.

7.  Last night even.

8.  I was in some class and had to swim with a great white.

9.  Cause that’s normal.

10.  To properly swim with a great white (in said dream), one must snuggle up to the side of the shark.  But not too close to the mouth/teeth/scary place.

11.  So of course I cuddled right into that beast.

12.  Because in my dreams, I’m a boss and swim with sharks.

13.  It all started when I was 12.

14.  My parents let me watch Jaws at my Aunt Caroline & Uncle Bill’s and I was never the same.

15.  I was actually afraid to take a bath for a few months.

16.  A. Bath.

17.  Then years of monthly shark nightmares.

18.  Thanks, guys.  Thanks.

19.  I made it  out without getting eaten last night, though.

20.  Always a plus.

21.  Pretty sure I woke up in cold sweats.

22.  Drenched.

23.  But you wait til shark week comes on.

24.  Be glued to that TV.

25.  #balanced