Hello there, friends!

I’ve decided that it’s time to bring back some posts from way back when…those buried in the archives of this 4 year old blog.  I’ll occasionally post an old tutorial on Saturday’s instead of a Worthy Reading links.  This one comes from a painted french chair using a dry brush technique.

Here’s one of my furniture painting video tutorials (p.s. youtube users are sometimes awesome, and sometimes there are some serious haters out there–very different vibe than the one here.  I’m always a little shocked when I read a mean comment over there, lol, but then I just. walk. away. and have a laugh.)

There are some dogs barking in the background, so hopefully it will still be a helpful tutorial for you furniture-painting lovers out there.


Dry brushing isn’t so difficult, but it takes a little practice to keep it from looking too forced, and I find that my taste changes year to year.  The main thing is to get started–to paint, and have fun with it!  Create something spectacular today, friends!

P.S. This look was created using Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey & Old White, then waxed with Clear Wax & Better than Cheesecloth Waxing Rags (love these guys!!!).