Morning, lovely people.

I canceled my dentist appointment…again.  I know, random.  But, I may need to know there are other “cancelers” out there like me.  Woke up with a crazy headache and I couldn’t imagine them digging around in my head for an hour and a half.  So, with an hour to go, I canceled.  Super convenient for them, I’m sure.

On another note, I’ve been crazy project-productive since coming home (which has been a blessing!), and I wanted to share a little makeover with you today.

Remember the How To Strip Furniture video tutorials from waaayy back when??  I stripped the trunk however long ago now, and well, she’s just sort of rotated in color since.  I painted her a gray-green (bleh), a blue-gray and left the top natural, a pale blue-gray, but none of the looks was suiting me.

My friend, Amanda, tells me that when I’m serious about something, I always start with, “I’m going to tell you something…”

Well, I’m going to tell you something:  your furniture has personality, but you have to give it time to speak to you.

In a non-creepy-paranormal-activity kind of way.

Sometimes it happens quickly, but sometimes you have to paint it a couple of times to get the exact look you want.  I finally decided I’d like a pretty blue to contrast with an orange throw I was using on the sofa, and went with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in French Enamel

Trunk Side Table Makeover | perfectly imperfect

It is my new favorite blue, and it’s the perfect balance between the paler shades I love and a fun pop of color against the neutral furniture.

Trunk Side Table Makeover | perfectly imperfect

I mixed the paint with water (no bonding agent added), but was painting on mostly natural wood and un-waxed paint, so it stuck nicely all on its own, chipping in just a few pretty spots.  I wanted the trunk to look like faded denim, so I applied her White Wax to seal the trunk and wash the color a little.

Y’all.  That white wax was created for me, I’m telling you.  I love how subtle it is, not screaming “whitewash,” but just toning a piece in just the right way.  Plus, the consistency is great for layering on more as you need it instead of glopping on too much for a streaky finish.  Good stuff.

Trunk Side Table Makeover | perfectly imperfect

I’ve contemplated selling this trunk over and over, but I just can’t.  I love the character it brings into the room, it has great storage (where I keep special things and old photos), and it’s a little unexpected.  I find that if I decorate too symmetrically or too “tidily” I just get bored.  I bought a really pretty end table from the flea market a while back, painted it, put it in place, and it just made me yawn.

So the trunk’s staying…for now.

Trunk Side Table Makeover | perfectly imperfect

I didn’t want to heavily distress the piece, so I just rubbed the paint with a fine sanding block to make the application a little more sheer and thin, wearing it on the corners and edges.  I then applied one coat of the white wax.

Trunk Side Table Makeover | perfectly imperfect

I left the handles natural, complete with their peeling paint, and I love the contrast.

What have you been painting lately?  It felt great to get a brush back in my hands again, and to work on our living room.

More on that soon…