On nights like tonight I want to scream.

My bones ache and my flesh is weak.  There’s book writing and market prep and homeschooling (or not enough of that), photo shoots to plan and execute, shop running, mama-doing’s.

Nights like this I really want to just cuddle in the bed and retreat.  I’m a creature of going and doing and balancing, and then retreating for a few restful days.  There’s just no time for that rest right now, so while I want to go crazy, I’ve been thinking.

One Year | perfectly imperfect

It’s been one year already since we got the keys to our new shop.  One year since we dreamed a little dream and sketched out the ideas.

One Year | perfectly imperfect

One year since I wrote the 31 Days to Open series, and one year since the renovation began.  One year since we worked like dogs into the night laying floor, cleaning up, and painting every surface in 3,000 square feet.

One Year | perfectly imperfect

One year since some pretty cool people came into our lives.

And one year since we opened the doors…

One Year | perfectly imperfect

One year.

Starting with a little, and dreaming a whole fat bunch.


One Year | perfectly imperfect

More has happened than we can believe, and there’s more to share with you soon.  For instance, you know how I told you we shipped out 280 packages last month?  Well, we shipped out 70 in two days this week.  You all. are. amazing.

I want to scream because I’m tired and worn and just want out of my bed and pajamas and to throw my writing-a-book-carpal-tunnel-brace in the trash can–but I can’t.  I won’t.

This year?

It’s been a Good one.