So we’re home.

perfectly imperfect on instagram

You may not know, but we were in New Orleans this week for the Annie Sloan Unfolded conference and unfortunately, the hotel’s wifi was not in service a.k.a. none of my blog posts went out.

We missed you, but are home again and going to enjoy a lazy weekend with the kids.  We’ll be buying seeds to beef up our garden, and working on some online shop stuff.  P.S.  look for a giveaway coming SOON!

perfectly imperfect on instagram

This post in no way ties into our pics, but these are a few we’ve snapped lately on Instagram, which is probably my most favorite social media must-do.  I love that while I stay connected to my friends and readers, I’m filming a mini-documentary of our lives together.

 photo IMG_3665_zps61cb7fc5.jpg

The kids are so accustomed to my photographing their every move, they flinch none and dramatically pose the other half of the time.

perfectly imperfect on instagram

They’re also pretty aware that I photograph things like blankets all day.

perfectly imperfect on instagram

Or driving to my childhood home,

perfectly imperfect on instagram

And coming back to our home now.

We love our Instagram.

perfectly imperfect on instagram

I’m snapping pics of our design installs, too.

Pretty much anything.

Especially these two…

perfectly imperfect on instagram

perfectly imperfect on instagram

And the wild hairs I get almost daily…

 photo IMG_3729_zps743a58b2.jpg

I love sharing snippets of our life together, and I’m going to make myself order some prints and a book very, very soon.

So our family is not forever preserved on one of my hard drives.

Until then, I hope you can follow along our daily conundrums & the moments that make up our life.

And if our life gets boring, we snap a lot of photos of the shop, anyway.

 photo SMILEY_FACE_1.jpg