It’s been a while…

1.  I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

2.  The shop is equal parts inspiration and vigor + responsibility and burden.

3.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it–we’re just working, y’all!

4.  I’m on a painting frenzy–mixing colors and splattering my kids as I go.

5.  They sort of like it.

6.  I’m officially addicted to Greek Blue again.

7.  Our online launch went so well–we’re beat and tired and happy and elated and moving on to the next phase.

8.  Marketing online.

9.  Do I ever stop?

10.  I am unfortunately noticing my driven nature peeking its ugly head around 3 or 4 in the morning these days.

11.  Bathroom trip or a bad dream, and I’m all, “Oh, we should paint the wall in Greek Blue, wait, no, let’s…”

12.  Those little parties usually last an hour and 20 minutes.

13.  Maybe it’s the caffeine.

14.  I could give it up.

15.  Nah.

16.  Give up coffee?

17.  Do you know me at ALL?

18.  Vintage Market is closing in on us & I have some major shopping to do.

19.  And painting, crafting, sewing.

20.  Hahaha, sewing.  I’ll be wrangling my mom into doing that job.

21.  We’re closing in on Grayson’s school year (more on that soon) & can I say, whew.

22.  There’s a homeschool/craft/project pile in my dining room that’s on the verge of embarrassing.

23.  I have one month exactly before Tiffini gets here and discovers I’m a hot mess with a messy house.

24.  I should spend time doing more organizing today.

25.  Either way, gotta go.  My coffee cup is empty.