1. The Keurig? It rocks.

2.  I do, however, find it only encourages my mad addiction.

3.  And now, I can make hot cocoa in a flash, too.

4.  It’s dangerous, people.

5.  Speaking of dangerous, I just saw a preview for Shutter Island.

6.  That movie completely disturbed me.

7.  In a really, real way…so much so, that I made Matt get up and walk out of the theater.

8.  Ehhhh, the scary feeling is coming back.

9.  And on to a brand new, less scary topic:

10.  Lemon drops.

11.  Is there anything cuter than an apothecary jar full of sunshine-y lemon drops?

12.  Maybe brand new baby bottoms, but goodness, what can top that??

13.  One of my sweet best friends is about to bring a new baby bottom into this world.

14.  I’m debating on what to get them:  lots of prepared meals, decorating the room in a day, etc.

15.  Stuck, though.  Not sure if there’s anything that can convey just how happy I am for her.

16.  Maybe lots of babysitting?

17.  Probably all of the above.

18.  And I’ve had another cup of coffee while writing.

19.  I’m convinced that I’ve identified Grayson’s learning style.

20.  Conceptual specific.

21.  Yep, he digs challenges, thrives on understanding, classifying, & creating.  Despises menial handwritten work, and when mom reads him “the book about Ankylosaurus again.” He knows this already.

22.  Duh, mom.

23.  I’m working on the first ever Pottery Barn Kids blogger’s challenge–and creating a study space for him using their products.

24.  Can you say pumped??

25.  Here’s hoping I get it all finished by next week.