I know you know them.

They’re the ones whose homes you love and words you love more?

thistlewood farms

Those bloggers you know would just get you and you would just get them.

In. real. life.

Meet Karianne.

Thistlewood Farms

She and her fam took the plunge for a simpler, more countrified life.

Boy am I glad they did.

Thistlewood Farms

The best part about Karianne is her blog is not about her house.

It’s about home.

And y’all know I just dig that.

To. pieces.

Thistlewood Farms

See what I’m saying?

Thistlewood Farms

Oh yeah, now ya do.

Thistlewood Farms

And I love a mama who doesn’t forget about the kids…

Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewood Farms

Yep.  A whole house dedicated to crayons and paper scraps.

My kind of family.

Visit & subscribe to Karianne’s blog, Thistlewood Farms, here.  Tour their lovely home here.  You can also find her on Pinterest, Facebook, & Twitter.

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