My guy and I are off for a couple of weeks to hang together & soak up lots of sun and inspiration.  I’ll pop in from time to time, and I also have some wonderful friends/contributors filling in for me to bring you guys some decor eye candy.  Enjoy & can’t wait to catch up soon!

Hi! It is Alison here from The Modern Cottage Company. I want to thank Shaunna for letting me post about one of my favorite topics- painting vintage furniture! 

As a furniture painter I am always trying to come up with new ways to paint a piece. I want to make it more beautiful without taking away from some of the original beauty of the piece. I often find furniture with wonderful lines and gorgeous wood and I think to myself “Am I really going to paint over this pretty wood?”

I am not a wood purist. I paint over wood all the time, but I am really excited about a new trend. Two toned furniture painting. Now you can have the best of both worlds: paint and wood all in one!

My first two toned project was this sweet little desk.
I dry brushed right over the wood, and then distressed and sealed the paint with a wax. What is great about this desk is that the blue (cool color) balances out the pretty wood (warm color). 

Ready for some more two toned inspiration?

Here’s the image that started my love affair with two toned furniture painting.

I think Barb from Knack is a genius when it comes to painting two toned furniture. Want to see some of my favorites from Barb?

Head over to Knack and check out all of Barb’s pieces. She is amazing!

Still want more?

Two-toned dresser tutorial from KrisKraft

Another one from me.

We can’t forget two toned mid century furniture.

If you want to try the two toned look but don’t know where to start? How about painting the body and leaving the top wood?

@ Miss Mustard Seed
Miss Mustard Seed is one of the best {if not THE best at this look}.

But my good friend Kennesha is fantastic at creating this look also.


Thank you for letting me share some of my favorite painted pieces. I hope you found some images that will start your love affair with two toned painting as well.