We have a treat today–we’re hearing from one of our contributors, Hayden of Haven by Hayden, again!

You’re going to love this project–


I am in love with all things old and beat up! My husband doesn’t understand why everything looks so great with knicks, chipping paint, and looking old. But I think it gives a piece such character and life!

When we first moved up her to Oklahoma City, my parents came to visit. As I said earlier, I’m in love with all things old. And one of those things is old homes. I cannot even express how much I love them. There’s so much history and character. I often times will imagine myself living there and what life must have been like when the home was built. Since I had drooled over all these turn of the century homes, I knew my Mom would too, so we went for a drive. While out drooling we came across one of these homes that had thrown a bunch of stuff to the curb for pick up. We immediately threw on the breaks and jumped out to find all sorts of treasures…old glass windows, old wooden root beer crates, old screens. We loaded up our car with all that we could fit and we were so excited!

I love trash to treasure and so I decided I would incorporate these items somewhere into my new home. I had seen this idea, of using a old screen, in the February Pottery Barn catalog and decided that I wanted to go in this direction.

Luckily one of the items we found was an old screen with rusted out hinges. It was in great condition, only needing to be cleaned because of years of dirt and grime.

So, I used some hot, soapy water with a sponge to clean off the wood and the screen. And then sprayed any access dirt or soap off.

Now I was ready to hang and decorate!

I decided to use family pictures. I have so many great pictures from our great photographer, but so often there’s no where to put them. Plus, I like the option of being able to switch them out from time to time. So, I used magnets, which are available through my Etsy shop, and arranged the pictures like I wanted. It makes me happy seeing them as I walk out of my bedroom.

This would be a simple project for anyone and could show off great architectural pictures, numbers, letters, drawings, or even work as a design board or organization center for your family.


Thank you, Hayden, for showing such a simple and beautiful project!

Have a happy Saturday, folks.  I’m currently sweating bullets at a yard sale.