Thank you guys for all the tweets and messages yesterday–we were safe and sound from the tornadoes…it was a strange morning, but we’re perfectly fine!  We had no internet either, so I wanted to stop in to see you guys today!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last 25 things, and I’ve missed them.  As stated before, they are totally therapy.

1.  It’s been a C-C-C-razy day around here.  Tornadoes touching down right near our house and all.

2.  Everyone’s safe and sound.

3.  I was working out when Matt called to tell me what was going on–so I spent most of the morning at Matt’s office with my fam.  Weird, sorta scary, sorta fun.

4.  I got SOAKING wet when I went out to get us some lunch.

5.  Yes, even after the weather, I got talked into staying at the office all day.

6.  Dad watched my waxing video bloopers…in which he made his debut on the blog.

7.  I just fixed myself a cup of coffee…yummo.

8.  Speaking of yum, the Cadbury bunny got the best of me this week.

9.  Apparently, my I-T band in my left leg is completely knotted up–which means I get the lovely pleasure of rolling out the pain for 30 minutes before my workout–then the other pain begins.

10.  I’ve had way too much fun painting lately–and making video tutorials for you guys.

11.  We’ve got a “how to strip furniture” video coming Monday–go on and say “strip” a few hundred times, you might not laugh when I say it on the video.

12.  First thing Gray asked me when he got in the car…”Mommy, did our house blow away?”  Bless his heart.

13.  He also informed me that God must have “sat down tightly” on it to keep us safe and sound.

14.  After I finished quietly sobbing, I told him he was sooo right, but as hard as it would have been to lose the house, it’s not the most important thing.

15.  I sobbed a little more.  In a respectable way, of course.

16.  I tried to talk my dad into letting me take this lamp he has in his office.  He refused.  Tough businessman.

17.  I’m sorry, are the Orbit commercials made by someone maybe a teeny-weeny bit coo-coo for CoCo Puffs?

18.  I’m going on a date tonight–The Hunger Games.  I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified.

19.  P.S. I saw The Hunger Games–it was both exciting and terrifying.  I think I could be Catness…maybe I should take up shooting with a bow.

20.  I want to escape for about a month to write a novel so badly.  Anybody have a beach house?

21.  I’m wondering if I could read a novel anytime soon.  I love literature, love the modern read…and I get to read neither lately.

22.  I REALLY want to take the kids camping.

23.  Me running over a 4 foot snake Wednesday is deterring me.

24.  But just imagine it–the Pioneer Woman’s s’mores + Matt + the kids sweet chocolatey faces + me (freaking out the whole time in search of snakes and other creatures)

25.  I think it probably equals me getting sent back home to hide in the comforts of my snake-less home.