Good morning!

chalk paint giveaway at perfectly imperfect

Just wanted to pop in to give you a little good news.

Thanks to so many of you entering the Chalk Paint Giveaway with Classic Wall Finishes!  As a little belated Christmas present, I thought I would announce our winner.

Congratulations to Sherry from Splendiferous Girls Club!! Winner has been emailed as well.

Another quick giveaway fun fact:  Remember that and Naughty or Nice $2,500 giveaway?  My buddies there emailed to tell me one of our readers WON! Congratulations to Kassidy! Can’t wait to hear what she does with her winnings!  And…another huge thanks to and for including us in an amazing giveaway!

I wanted to tell you I’m taking a tiny vacation this week.  I’ll be blogging, but not everyday.  Matt has some time off work, and this week will be filled with snuggling and laughing.

We need some down time.

Hang out with me on Facebook and Twitter to see what we’re up to this week…because despite our need for down time, I’m sure we’ll talk ourselves into some project or another.

perfectly imperfect

I’ll be back Wednesday to join Rhoda’s party and share our favorite projects of 2011.

Can you believe another year has passed already??