Last week I pleaded with y’all on my Facebook page.

Where can I find reasonably priced burlap stockings???

burlap stockings

My sweet friend, Lisa, from The Pennington Point & Shop24 came swooping in to the rescue!!  She whipped these beauties up for me in NO time and they were on my doorstep before I knew it.

burlap stockings

We have some Pottery Barn stockings with our names on them, and I wanted these to be able to go anywhere, anytime.

burlap stockings

“Joy” and “Peace” seemed like the right duo for us…I absolutely, 100% LOVE them!!  (Now, if I can only keep Ava’s little hands from grabbing/wrinkling them–on second thought, who cares?!?)

Are they not beautifully hand-crafted??

This is the more neutral of her stockings, but Lisa makes a ruffled version, too!

Check out theirs:

burlap stockings

Gorgeous, right?!?  I really am so impressed with their quality, and so proud of my friend for being so creatively talented!

burlap stockings

If you love these bad boys (or girls) as much as I do, you can still order them from Lisa at Shop24!  Her Christmas cutoff date is tomorrow–hurry up and get over there!

P.S.  Lisa is AMAZING on & off the blogosphere and so is her fam–her girls even have a wonderful Etsy shop, Little Women, together!

Thank you, friend, for the beautiful stockings–richest blessings to you and your family this year and always!!!