Well, I couldn’t resist showing you a peek…



I got some exciting news from Ana White yesterday.  She wants to draw up some plans of our table and include them in the book.  (this is me secretly screaming “yay!!”)  In a calm and self-controlled voice, of course.
You’ll get to see the full reveal next week and the how-to’s coming in the eBook, along with a whole section on finishing new construction.  I’m thrilled to have Ana involved in the book, and honestly, I just can’t wait for you guys to see it.
It’s been this huge thing in my life the last 6 months, and you are who I keep coming back to.  I wrote it for you, so I’m dying to get it in your hands.
The release is still scheduled for February 28 and that week you guys will be the only ones who can buy it, at a discount, no less. 🙂
Thanks for going on this journey with me; can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the table!