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Have you guys found Pinterest yet?
I first found it a few weeks ago when Beth shared it with us all.  Thanks, girl!
It’s simply the coolest way to create inspiration boards using images from all around the web.  I may have been on it for an hour this morning.
Over the last year, I’ve really figured out my style.  The right balance of simple, elegant, spaces mixed with some vintage and rustic texture.  
I thought I’d love romantic…but I’m not simply happy at one style.  I couldn’t leave the writing room only white.  I pulled in a lot of natural texture and small pops of color over the last few months, and will add more.

And that’s the girly room.


So, it’s time to unify the rest of our home with spaces that inspire me.  

(Don’t worry, we’ve located all the hardware now)
You know I’ve decided to take the plunge to go white on the walls.  I’m just ready for a clean slate.  To be able to lean cool or warm with little effort.
A toss of a pillow, a simple rug swap.
But more than that, I want our entire home to feel unified.  For it to catch up to my changing taste.  Oh, and of course, it’ll be taking subtle and budget friendly steps along the way.
And that’s what had me on Pinterest this morning.
I made myself only choose spaces I want to live in, not simply spaces I love… because I love a lot of spaces.
Here’s a few of them…

sources on Pinterest
A little refined, a little rustic.  
Apparently, a lot of exposed beams.
If you’d like to see the whole inspiration board, head here to Pinterest to see it.
I’m just getting started, but I can tell it’s going to be addictive.
Gotta go get my craft on.